Show Me the Nerdy!

First Crude Taste of Business Management

I was 17 years old, a (relatively) young sophomore in a university who developed a fascination for cheap film cameras. Photos shot with toy cameras can give happy accidents–wild colors, vignettes, flares, or maybe a double exposure. Lomography, the label for taking “casual, snapshot photography.”

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A Question of When, Not If

As a child of media, I’m pretty confident in the powers of new social media. I’m sure that the Internet, with wikis, blogs, social networks, RSS, podcasts, video logs, and other existing web-based applications are potent tools to achieve just about any end.

But while I am on my way in becoming a New Social Media Minister, I am also aware that once I enter the corporate world, my young nerdy self might not be adequate to evangelize new social media philosophies. What I can do, though, is to prepare myself in defending the non-clamping down of new social media practices in the organization I’ll belong to in the future.

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