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An Unbelievably Long Open Letter to ASUS

Dear Asus,

ASUS: Innovative Solutions for a Limitless Tomorrow

ASUS: Innovative Solutions for a Limitless Tomorrow

As a young consumer in the digital age, I have usually preferred your products compared to other brands. My first netbook was an ASUS (although yeah, you guys did come out with the first netbook–the ASUS EEE 701); my second netbook also came from your company. You know why? Because I honestly believed then that your company came out with the best price-per-performance-and-looks ratio than any other netbook manufacturer. More than that, the PC components I’ve owned that are ASUS branded–like the motherboard and optical drives–have usually been reliable enough to make me want to buy again, and even recommend ASUS to my friends.

After my experience with the official ASUS service center in the Philippines, though, I’m not sure I’ll buy, or even recommend, any ASUS product again.
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