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An Organizational Communication Podcast (The First Attempt)
10.18.2009, 4:30 AM
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I just made a podcast. Jhe, Dasi, Eldin, Alwyn, and I played around with the concept of a radio show–complete with commercials, callers, and games. With no solid theme in mind (except of course, that we wanted to talk about UP Manila Organizational Communication), “The O,” with hosts Aloloe and Jheyhoe was born.

Download the 24MB podcast about Organizational Communication here.

How did we make a podcast? We:

  1. talked to you, our target listener;
  2. limited our running time to 20 minutes (this can be reduced);
  3. made a podcast outline;
  4. poured in energy to the show;
  5. practiced; and
  6. recorded and edited the podcast with a decent microphone and computer.

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Alvina might be a Care Bear, or Sharing is Caring
Open Source, by

Open Source, by

The Internet is for sharing. Mostly, anyway. I’m glad the Internet is a treasure trove of goodies–if it wasn’t, then I’d probably be a little less rich in productivity (and happy-making) tools.

Getting nice and free stuff from the Internet is pretty easy, and just about every website you’ll stumble upon has an entry about their favorite softwares.

I’ll join the bandwagon by detailing the applications I use for Quaddie (yes, I know it’s such a generic name for a quad-core PC), my desktop. Some I paid for–mainly because alternative applications don’t exist, or aren’t good enough. A number, though, I got for free online–and I’m not even talking about pirating software.

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