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UP Manila Organizational Communication at 25

This entry is not about new social media. Today, Mostly Nerdy will share some photos and videos from UP Manila Organizational Communication’s alumni homecoming from October 10, 2009.

I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen. I, Alvina Antonio, the person usually confident of her batch’s–the Silver batch–competency, had several moments of doubt. (Silver batch = term used because 2009 is Organizational Communication’s 25th year; class of 2005 got first dibs on the “Silver batch” term, though)

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Speeches of Organizational Communication Students

Before we can become brilliant public relations, corporate communication, human relations, advertising, marketing, or *insert field here* practitioners, we have to be good presenters first. Form and substance in presentations are both vital to corporate success. Every day involves some form of presentation—whether for conversing with friends, reporting in class, reciting, or bargaining with a department store sales person. Even in the first phase of getting a job, like in interviews, who’d want to accept a scruffy applicant who cannot explain properly why she should be part of the company?

So the point is this: in the Organizational Communication program, students like me are taught that immersing into the corporate culture of our company, aligning strategies with company goals, or implementing changes in the organization cannot go without basic skills like presenting well.

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A Slice of Organizational Communication Culture in UP Manila
08.18.2009, 5:14 PM
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University of the Philippines Manila offers various undergraduate degree programs, such as Nursing, Biology, Behavioral Sciences,  Medicine, Area Studies, and Computer Science. Yet among the spectrum of programs in the University, only one degree program you can place me in: Organizational Communication. Now I’m not saying I’m the paragon Organizational Communication (OrCom) student, rather, I’ve been in the program long enough (3+ years) to know that there is no other degree program for me but the UP Manila pioneered program called OrCom.

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