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Alvina Tiu Antonio

Alvina Tiu Antonio

The author of this blog is Alvina Tiu Antonio, a senior BA Organizational Communication (OrCom) student at the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM). While she would like to think herself as a nerdy academics-only student, her professional roles constantly shift from being a University student to a debater. Alvina’s first love is getting high grades–but her heart has an incredibly soft spot for debating.

As a student, Alvina first thought of taking up Political Science, but chose Organizational Communication because an older friend told her “It’s [OrCom] a really cool course! All the cool people are there, and they’re the ones who get to organize really fantastic events!” So Alvina wrote “BA Organizational Communication” as her first program choice in the University. Despite the seemingly shallow reason for entering the program, Alvina thinks that choosing OrCom was one of the best decisions she has made in her 19 years of existence.

As a debater, Alvina initially decided against applying for the UP Manila Debate Circle (UPMDC). High School debating for St. Theresa’s College Quezon City (STC QC) was fun, but she had no plans of subjecting herself to the emotional and mental torture debate often brought her. But fate–an abstraction Alvina blames for supposedly inevitable events–didn’t let Alvina walk away from her debate life. While walking inside the University, a member of the Circle recognized Alvina as a high school debater, and she was given an application form. “This must be a sign,” the freshie Alvina thought back then. So she applied for the Circle, and is now the Deputy Prime Minister of the organization. Admittedly, Alvina has a constant love-hate relationship with debating, the issues of which would be too long to explain. Still, the heartbreak debating gives her has yet to permanently stop her from continuing this passion.

In between learning public relations, advertising, corporate communications, and debating, Alvina also devotes herself in being: 1) Organizational Communication Society’s (OrComSoc) Vice President for Internal Affairs; 2) 1/3 of Antonio, Razon, and Guerrero (ARG) friendship-commitment; and 3) the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio. So yes, life’s pretty full for Alvina.

Soon, though, her listing of roles will include being a corporate communications mogul–or something like it. Alvina knows the road to mogul-dom will not be easy; she’s already building her intellectual and emotional stamina for the journey ahead, among many other preparations offered by her BA Organizational Communication degree.


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What do I say? I think I need not scrutinize what kind of person and student Ate Alvina is, because she resembles our editor-in-chief in our publication in high school, both, I believe, in visage and in personality. I miss that “ate” but I think Ate Alvina will bring her back through the same determination,excellence, leadership, and independence once exemplified by that “ate”. Maybe if Ate Alvina happens to meet her, she would concede these. By the way, that “ate” is a 2nd year BA Journalism Major in UP Diliman. It’s really nice meeting people like them. Not that I flatter because I can’t think of anything to comment, but there’s something in Ate Alvina peculiar to her and that peculiarity is what makes her nice to me.

Comment by Kevin ''TOLITZ"

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