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An Obvious First Impression About Viral Videos

I’m not a fan of YouTube. The few times I’d visit YouTube is when I have to upload videos for class, or when friends like Arvin Razon would send me links to hilarious–but good–music videos like Stars by Simply Red or Sweet Dreams by Beyonce. So when I was tasked to make a video viral for class, I felt totally clueless.

So like any Netizen my age would do–I googled for inspiration.

The only common feature about all the videos was that they hooked me. Most of the videos weren’t smart–some were funny, cheesy, cute, or just plain dumb. Other videos were even taken at an awful resolution; I easily saw how amateurish those viral videos were. But all the videos were interesting enough to make me watch ’till the very end.

Users can just upload a video in YouTube and wait for the video to explode–with everyone suddenly reposting the video, submitting comments, making parodies of it. Some organizations will have to go the extra mile, by actually promoting the video in various sites, or creating persuasive gimmicks in the online and offline world. For businesses that want to succeed in marketing their brands online, such as by making videos (and other new social media content) viral, you’d find many helpful tips online.

What’s important to note is that however a business plans to make a video viral, the road map must be clear, considers contingencies, and is well-executed. More importantly, the viral marketing strategy must be aligned to the business’ goals, an old reminder that is still disregarded by some (click the links to see examples of failed viral marketing stunts). Doing otherwise can sully business reputations.

The internet is for everyone, so when a regular person posts a video of his 7 year old kid on YouTube, it can exceed the popularity of a teaser trailer made for a movie that costs millions of dollars to produce (Hello, Sony! I mean your movie no harm, this is merely a frank opinion of a consumer!). So yes, there are no hard and fast rules out yet; perhaps Paolo Pangan (Accounts Manager at Yehey!) was spot on when he said “we’re creating definitions, we’re creating the rules as regards internet marketing.


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I like the Charlie the Unicorn series. Watched it with..

Comment by arvinrazon

Watched it with whom, Arvin? 🙂 I like it too, it was the first viral video I saw when we were in high school. 🙂

Comment by mostlynerdy

Couldn’t agree more. Some companies still need to realize that a single viral video won’t do the trick. Strategy!!

Comment by noemi717

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