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Speeches of Organizational Communication Students

Before we can become brilliant public relations, corporate communication, human relations, advertising, marketing, or *insert field here* practitioners, we have to be good presenters first. Form and substance in presentations are both vital to corporate success. Every day involves some form of presentation—whether for conversing with friends, reporting in class, reciting, or bargaining with a department store sales person. Even in the first phase of getting a job, like in interviews, who’d want to accept a scruffy applicant who cannot explain properly why she should be part of the company?

So the point is this: in the Organizational Communication program, students like me are taught that immersing into the corporate culture of our company, aligning strategies with company goals, or implementing changes in the organization cannot go without basic skills like presenting well.

How are we trained, then? We have several writing and speech subjects in BA Organizational Communication, and I find speech subjects like Communication III and Speech Communication 133 (Debate and Argumentation) particularly useful.

In both classes, we make several speeches—such as impromptu and extemporaneous—that train us to think quickly yet coherently. With only 3 (or 15, if we’re lucky) minutes to prepare, the task is to come up with a 3-5 (or 7) minute speech on a topic that might be unfamiliar. Giving out speeches under time pressure can be slightly stressful, but we can’t always have the luxury of a long preparation time in the corporate world, can we? *naively assuming*

Of course, I’m still subject to some group paper work, interviews, and reports to accomplish, since speech classes emphasize not only individual, but also team work. Also, I have yet to encounter an academic class that relies purely on oral requirements. But since speeches are so much more interesting than research papers, let me show you some sample speeches, taken from 2007 Communication III and 2009 Speech Communication 133, both classes under Jan Bernadas:

Case 1: Then Organizational Communication Sophomore Alvina Antonio

Three topics that should appear in the speech: aswang, Thomas Malthus, trust

Case 2: Then Organizational Communication Sophomore Jorron Monroy

Three topics that should appear in the speech: DoTA, Ban Ki-Moon, knowledge

Case 3: Then Organizational Communication Sophomore Noemi Guerrero

Three topics that should appear in the speech: sarao, domestic violence, jeepney

Case 4: Senior Organizational Communication Arvin Razon

Watch Arvin defend why doctors should inform parents about their kid’s STD without the underage kid’s consent 😛

Case 5: Senior Organizational Communication Arven Eusebio

Watch Arven the environmentalist talk about using emotional blackmail in environmental strategies 🙂

Case 6: Senior Organizational Communication Alvina Antonio

Watch Alvina talk about shutting down World Wrestling Entertainment for good 😛

These speeches were made for academic purposes only, as required by Jan Bernadas, Comm III and SpCom 133 instructor in UP Manila. The speeches made by the students do not necessarily reflect their true opinions on the topics. 😀


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i saw these videos on Youtube first before this blog post. i knew there was something to it–the slighsharing channel. Haha! 🙂

appreciate the approach that seems to me like a series of posts on Organizational Communication. way to go!

Comment by barrycade

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