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Brands I Buy, or Just Another Long Bragging Entry
What's in my bag?

What's in my bag?

I like to talk about productivity, and how my need for it exceeds that of any desire. To be unproductive is death, especially when taking breaks from work results in a truckload of pending tasks. So of course, I come to school well-equipped for daily tasks.

My bag is usually heavy, loaded with ‘essential’ tools to get me by through the day. I represent the typical kid who has a disgustingly abnormal sense of entitlement–that kids like me must own (and upgrade!) certain gadgets to be productive. Thank goodness my mommy supports my beliefs!

So, what’s in my bag? More importantly, why do I support these brands?

1. Carlisle the Asus 1005HA-H – WORK!!!!

Carlisle, the Asus 1005HA

Carlisle, the Asus 1005HA

My favorite gadget ever! I bring my netbook almost every day, and it’s probably the most useful gadget I own. Short of actually texting and calling (which yes, can be done via Skype) through my netbook, Carlisle can accomplish many school-productive tasks. As an OrCom major, I write often (class notes, group meetings, school papers, etc), and online connectivity is practically a requirement. Also, Carlisle rocks as a torrent hog, video-player (just don’t try 1080p, please), and conversation-starter.

Asus is my absolute favorite netbook maker because:

  1. EEE PC has a strong user-supported forum online, where I can get troubleshooting and customizing tips; and
  2. Asus has so many positive reviews online, like design awards or Editor’s choice awards!

2. Elle wallet – TOOL FOR WORK!

Alvina's wallet

Alvina's wallet

I love my battered wallet, because really, it’s a total security blanket. Every time I’m outside my home (90% of the time), there’s always some purchase to be made. Without my wallet, I’d be a helpless girl who won’t be able to get by the day (no lunch, no anything! :<).

Elle rocks as a wallet because:

My mommy told me it’s fab. But really, give me my old LV-inspired Hello Kitty wallet, and I’ll still be as happy. :>

3. Kingston DataTraveler and Card Reader – WORK!

Kingston flash disk + card reader

Kingston flash disk + card reader

This tubby Kingston product is one of my wisest buys–for about 300 pesos only, this has 1GB built in memory (enough for school documents), and an SD/SDHC/any-memory-card-than-can-fit-in-an-SD-adapter reader. Thanks to the dirt cheap prices of memory, I can plug in higher-capacity memory cards in the tubby Kingston to compensate for the measly 1GB memory.

Kingston is my flash disk slash card reader of choice because:

  1. Kingston is a solid memory manufacturer; and
  2. Kingston sells their products pretty cheaply.

4. Penryn the Nintendo DS Lite + Creative EP-630 earphones – TOOL FOR WORK?

Penryn the DS Lite + Creative in-ears

Penryn the DS Lite + Creative in-ears

Okay, owning this combo is pretty hard to justify from a school-productive perspective. To be fair, the DS Lite was a gift–what else could I have done but accept? :> Listening to music or playing games on Penryn (with a pair of in-ears like my EP-630) are great breathers, making Penryn an indispensable gadget. And my earphones… well it’s just rude to make noise other people might not want to hear! I’m totally doing the world a favor by keeping all those sounds to myself, and only my trust pair of in-ears can do the job. 🙂

Nintendo is my absolute favorite gaming console since:

  1. My past Nintendo made gadgets (think… GameBoy back in the 90s!) were very sturdy;
  2. Nintendo has the coolest games, as evidenced by the “top 10 favorite DS games” articles online; and
  3. Nintendo is the best-selling gaming console in the market–I just had to jump in the bandwagon!

Creative makes great earphones because:

  1. I was lured by Creative’s reputation of making great audio products; and
  2. I can’t afford higher-priced in-ears, like Shure SE530 or Sennheiser CX500. :O

5. Artemis the Nokia E63 – WORK!

Artemis, the trusty Nokia E63

Artemis, the trusty Nokia E63

Sturdy, (relatively) cheap, QWERTY, wi-fi, ebooks, speedy, red… I have too many nice adjectives for the E63! I adore my corporate-ish phone! ❤

Nokia is my phone maker of choice because:

  1. I’ve always been a Nokia user, since 2001—and their phones are rock solid; and
  2. Nokia has a large base of (free, open source, and commercial) applications online!

6. Moleskine diary and Staedtler pen – WORK!

Moleskine + Dong-A pen

Moleskine + Dong-A pen

Even if most of my things-to-do lists are placed inside Carlisle, I still bring my Moleskine to jot down random thoughts, plans, and TTD. I use a Dong-A Hexa Plus pen since, well, it’s the only pen I haven’t misplaced yet. 😛

Moleskine is the coolest planner ever because:

  1. The website says Moleskines were used by Van Gogh and other popular artists (I know this is a marketing stunt, but whatever! :P); and
  2. Loads of Filipinos swear by the wonders of using Moleskine as a creative outlet! And you know me, I’m a creative new social media kid! :>

Dong-A Hexa Plus pen is a reliable pen because:

  1. The quality is great, like a cheap alternative to Staedtlers; and
  2. The colors available fit my perky nerdy self!

7. MaxMara eyeglasses – WORK!

MaxMara glasses for the mostly nerdy author

MaxMara glasses for the mostly nerdy author

My vision is terrible–I’m near-sighted but I hate wearing glasses since they feel so heavy on the face. Still, I keep a pair in my bag, lest my mommy scolds me for not bringing my glasses.

I use MaxMara glasses since:

I don’t know, my mommy just picked out this pair–and since they’re not particularly hideous looking, I’m fine with it. 🙂

8. Canon Ixus 860IS – MIGHT BE USED FOR WORK!

Canon Ixus 860IS, the decent digital camera

Canon Ixus 860IS, the decent digital camera

I have a 365 days project, where I post a photo and blog daily in an online journal, so I bring my camera everywhere. Also, I like capturing clear shots, even though I’m usually lazy to actually take photos.

Canon compact digital cameras are the best because:

  1. Please, Canon > Sony > Nikon in terms of digital cameras (I’m not talking about DSLRs) forever; and
  2. Canon compact digital cameras are hack-able to get RAW shooting, thanks to open source geeks!

9. Evian cooling spray, Eskulin hand sanitizer, Nivea lip balm, Giga citronella oil – GIRL WORK?

Evian, Nivea, Giga (the green thing), and Eskulin

Evian, Nivea, Giga (the green thing), and Eskulin

I like being clean, so I use such products for the face (Evian = moisturizer), hands (Eskulin = sanitizer), lips (Nivea = balm), and body (Giga = anti-mosquito).

Why I picked Evian, Eskulin, Nivea, and Giga:

With the exception of Eskulin, my picky mommy bought these items for me. I got Eskulin because… there was no other small sanitizer available at the grocery then, but it works! :O

Okay, I admit: not everything in my bag are productivity tools. Many items in my bag exist for my personal happiness. Maybe your bag’s contents are more productivity-oriented? Feel free to share in the comments area below.  🙂

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag?

*Photo credit: thanks to Nash Albacea who patiently took shots of my things last week, even when she was in the middle of an important meeting then. 😀


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This is good. 🙂

Comment by Arvin

Aaaw, thanks Arvin! 😀

Comment by mostlynerdy

The innards of your bag resembles that of an account manager’s =P possibly ominous of your post-college life?

Comment by barny

Should I be scared now? Hehee 😛

Comment by mostlynerdy

I love looking at the photos. 🙂

Comment by Nash Albacea

Glad you’re satisfied with your mega-impromptu work’s outcome! 😛

Comment by mostlynerdy

Penryn = Tool for listening to Blue singing One Love (or Guilty?)!
Can be a tool for work? For inspiration and love!

Comment by Arven

Tool for listening to Blue singing “Best in Me,” “If You Come Back,” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” whoot! Ergo, Penryn is an indispensable tool for not just work–but life! 😡

Comment by mostlynerdy

i think you have more stuffs in your bag than cielo.

Comment by jasper

Oh no, does that mean I should try to do away with some of my things? 😦 But they’re all important, Jasper!

Will tell Cielo the competitive girl that! 😛

Comment by mostlynerdy

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