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Obligatory Introductory Post

I’d do anything to avoid writing.

You’d probably raise an eyebrow at my statement, should you know that I am: 1) an Organizational Communication major; 2) a loyal diary-keeper since 1996; and 3) a regular blogger since 2005. I can give a few more examples that makes my first sentence seem inconsistent to my character; true enough, a disproportionately large amount of my time is spent on writing.

I write for myself, mostly. I write how I feel about the little things, the big events, good memories, bad actions—anything, anything at all in my head that I do not want to forget will most probably be documented in my offline or online journal. Sometimes, even my mobile phone or a scrap of paper will do when my journals aren’t accessible. I don’t want to forget much; I like seeing through my writings not only the past events, but also how much I’ve changed.

My fondness for remembering the past does not stop me from wanting to avoid writing, though. Whenever I have a writing requirement, I whine and stall endlessly about the work. Writing is such a chore. Beginnings are hard. I can easily produce a dozen excuses for not writing right away.

But when I finally write, turn in my piece, and receive positive feedback, my love for writing becomes restored. A bit of ego-stroking makes me happy enough to forget I ever abhorred writing. The problem is, happy feelings don’t last long enough; I can easily want to avoid writing again—and I have. This love-hate affair with writing is a bad habit I need to break out of.

I’ve come up with a few solutions, one of which is my daily blogging. A Biology student once told me that “scientifically, you need 21 days for anything to become a habit.” While I have yet to verify his scientific claim, I can say that daily blogging has become a habit. After all, I am already at my 278th online entry—one entry written per day, with very few lapses.

With my daily entries, I require myself to write at least one thing that I remember from my day—no matter how inane or vague the thought is. I set my standards pretty low, the objective is merely to make writing a habit.

In less than a year, I will be joining the corporate world. Perhaps now is the time to raise my standards a bit, and turn the objective into: make good writing a habit.

Here is where my new blog finally comes in. Instead of entries with disjointed ideas, this blog will zoom in on a good theme: new social media from an organizational communications perspective. In the process of exploring new social media, I’ll work towards becoming a good writer with no qualms about writing. Watch (and engage) me as I kill two birds with one stone. :>


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That’s a fairly interesting endeavor, Alvina! Time flies so fast, you are almost graduating. Sabay pala tayo magma-martsa! That is so cool. 😀

When people leave the academe (or the debate community), they feel the need to continue their discursive instincts. I think blogging will be a good avenue for you, and for us too, to catch up on what happens to you (although your LJ blog is fairly updated, hahaha. Whenever I check, lagi kang may post!)

How’s your Post Grad plans? 😀

Comment by Lee

Go 2010! And in two years, I can call you Dr. Yarcia officially! 😛

I don’t know yet. I’m pretty sure med and law school are not career paths, though. Hoho. I might take masters, but not in Manila. Ah, and I might teach too! Whoot!

Comment by mostlynerdy

I found you 😀

Comment by Joanna Macris

Woman, gimme a substantial reply! *demanding*

Comment by mostlynerdy

Madame Alvina! You are the minimalist master. 🙂 Go red!

Comment by Nash Albacea

HAHA Madame I only noticed this comment now! The layout isn’t red anymore, only a few of you saw that design! 😛

Comment by mostlynerdy

Love your layout. WordPress seems to be your friend. And I feel nerdy just reading this. Nerdy in a good way ah. Haha. Excited to read your posts. So go make one! Will link you 🙂

Comment by Lou Ortiz

Yay thanks Ate Lou! At alam kong tumuturbo ka ngayon! Hoho I will too, in a couple of minutes. Go us! 😀

Comment by mostlynerdy

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to be successful at something 🙂

Comment by Mae Carreon

Who’s ‘they’? 10 000 hours is a v long time, which means I’ll have to blog in mostlynerdy for a long, long time too ’till I become successful! :O

Comment by mostlynerdy

“I don’t want to forget much; I like seeing through my writings not only the past events, but also how much I’ve changed.”

I share the same reason in writing.

Comment by the delinquent kid

We must be sentimental creatures, then! 😛

Comment by mostlynerdy

But your writing is already good!!!

Where do you find such layout/theme? Or did you make it? How?
I know. So many irrelevant questions to your post. Haha.

Linked you!

Comment by littlemissstraightbangs

HAHA Paula, I just tweaked an existing WP theme. Go nerdy rats!

I feel you’ll be an avid commenter here–ergo, I shall be commenting crazily in your entries too! :>

Comment by mostlynerdy

“How long does it take to develop a habit? Some say 3 days, others say 21 encounters. I don’t have a definite answer as it depends on ones’ motivation, feelings of efficacy, extinguishing of old habits that may be blocking the new ones, and one’s emotive energies.”

“Research claims that any activity repeated for 21 days slowly becomes a habit. I’m not sure of this 21-day deadline, but habits do develop in a month or two if the activity is repeatedly performed.”

I guess 21 days isn’t THE magic number, hehe.

Comment by Fong

Fortunately, I’ve been blogging everyday for 283 days now–enough to call blogging a habit, perhaps? Writing in this comm blog will probably take a lot more than 21 days or 2 months, though!

V. good that you cite your sources, Fong! 🙂

Comment by mostlynerdy

Ate ALvina!!!

Your posts are really informative..hehehe
I also keep a copy of noob killer,
my PC was once infected by the funny UST virus..grrr..
thank god it was removed.. 😛
I’m not into blogging though..I don’t know what else to say..

See you soon!!

Comment by allanna

ate alvina…
nice blog….
i wish…ganyan ako ka-sipag mag-blog….
i wanted to blog noong summer…hehe…pero i got lazy…..
anyways…keep up the good work..haha
see you sa debate???

Comment by janine:)

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