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An Unbelievably Long Open Letter to ASUS

Dear Asus,

ASUS: Innovative Solutions for a Limitless Tomorrow

ASUS: Innovative Solutions for a Limitless Tomorrow

As a young consumer in the digital age, I have usually preferred your products compared to other brands. My first netbook was an ASUS (although yeah, you guys did come out with the first netbook–the ASUS EEE 701); my second netbook also came from your company. You know why? Because I honestly believed then that your company came out with the best price-per-performance-and-looks ratio than any other netbook manufacturer. More than that, the PC components I’ve owned that are ASUS branded–like the motherboard and optical drives–have usually been reliable enough to make me want to buy again, and even recommend ASUS to my friends.

After my experience with the official ASUS service center in the Philippines, though, I’m not sure I’ll buy, or even recommend, any ASUS product again.
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An Organizational Communication Podcast (The First Attempt)
10.18.2009, 4:30 AM
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I just made a podcast. Jhe, Dasi, Eldin, Alwyn, and I played around with the concept of a radio show–complete with commercials, callers, and games. With no solid theme in mind (except of course, that we wanted to talk about UP Manila Organizational Communication), “The O,” with hosts Aloloe and Jheyhoe was born.

Download the 24MB podcast about Organizational Communication here.

How did we make a podcast? We:

  1. talked to you, our target listener;
  2. limited our running time to 20 minutes (this can be reduced);
  3. made a podcast outline;
  4. poured in energy to the show;
  5. practiced; and
  6. recorded and edited the podcast with a decent microphone and computer.

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UP Manila Organizational Communication at 25

This entry is not about new social media. Today, Mostly Nerdy will share some photos and videos from UP Manila Organizational Communication’s alumni homecoming from October 10, 2009.

I almost thought it wasn’t going to happen. I, Alvina Antonio, the person usually confident of her batch’s–the Silver batch–competency, had several moments of doubt. (Silver batch = term used because 2009 is Organizational Communication’s 25th year; class of 2005 got first dibs on the “Silver batch” term, though)

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First Crude Taste of Business Management

I was 17 years old, a (relatively) young sophomore in a university who developed a fascination for cheap film cameras. Photos shot with toy cameras can give happy accidents–wild colors, vignettes, flares, or maybe a double exposure. Lomography, the label for taking “casual, snapshot photography.”

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Improving Brands with Organizational Communication

Subtlety is an art to master. If I want to sell a product, or engage my consumers, I don’t have to harass them by showing brand photos everywhere, or outlining points why¬† my product/service is the most affordable solution. I can talk to my consumers about things related to my brand without saying standard marketing spiels.

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An Obvious First Impression About Viral Videos

I’m not a fan of YouTube. The few times I’d visit YouTube is when I have to upload videos for class, or when friends like Arvin Razon would send me links to hilarious–but good–music videos like Stars by Simply Red or Sweet Dreams by Beyonce. So when I was tasked to make a video viral for class, I felt totally clueless.

So like any Netizen my age would do–I googled for inspiration.

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Help Mitigate the Nasty Typhoon Ondoy Crisis for Filipinos

While I am tempted to rant about how our politicians can use a good crisis management plan like what Dr. Ronald Henson talked about yesterday at UP Manila Organizational Communication’s conference on Shifting Paradigms, Changing Mindsets, I know now is not the proper time. I’d much rather take part in helping manage the crisis that is Typhoon Ondoy (also known as the stupidly-named typhoon that is ruining Filipino lives [in a scale that hasn’t been witnessed since 1967] as I type).

State of Calamity in the Philippines, no thanks to Typhoon Ondoy

State of Calamity in the Philippines, no thanks to Typhoon Ondoy

Here’s how we can help–

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